There are probably 100 blogs about this, but it is just so frustrating for me as well as for the people out there who are living this experience. My name is Raissa. I am from Ecuador. I came to the U.S. 19 months ago to pursue a master degree. After finishing my studies, I decided to stay here in order to accomplish a goal. One thinks that a professional like me who speaks three languages and has little experience in several fields could easily find a job here, in “America the melting pot.” However, it is not true. A while ago, I was overwhelmed with job interviews, but as soon as the companies found out my situation, they either try to disqualify me or apologize to me saying that they cannot hire me just because of “the paperwork.” I am a legally authorized to work in the U.S. Yes, I MAY  OR MAY NOT need sponsorship next year. Anyways, these companies do not want to deal with any “political” issue that involves hiring a GOOD, CAPABLE, SKILLFUL, professional. The sad part about this is that the people who manage the hiring process or make the decisions are either foreigners or one of their family members is a foreigner. So they know how challenging and hard can be this, but instead, they make it even harder.   But as the Dalai Lama says in his book “The Art of Happiness: A handbook for Living,” one should be thankful for people who harm us because one can practice tolerance and patience. Without them, one would not know what tolerance and patience are (Dalai Lama, 1998).

On the other hand, I acknowledge that lots of foreigners professionals have been hired for companies that do not care about the cultural background. This has not happened to me, so if someone is willing to share his/her story it is more than welcome.

I am just an individual who is frustrated. I am just an individual who has skills and is capable of working, but to whom doors and windows have been closed. I know you might probably be asking yourself, “why does she want to stay here then.” Simply, I like challenges and this journey has been quite a challenge, and besides I believe professionals like me have more opportunities to professionally grow here. Do not take me wrong, I love my country and all the things it has, but to be sincere, one can make a little bit better here. Please, if you strongly disagree with me do not make a controversy out of it and judge me, this is just my humble point of view, and I do not harm anybody with this.  Lastly, I just want to share this with the people who understand me, who I believe are a lot. I applaud the people who have succeeded in this challenge, and I bring my strength to the people who are still in the journey.