As you read in my last blog post, I mentioned some issues that as a foreigner living in the States I have to face. The battle is still up and the time is getting shorter. Now, I have to decide between two things my profession and my heart. How can one be focused if ones heart and mind are not in the same battle?

The fact that big companies do not give opportunities to capable professionals, no matter what nationality, is a big issue. In addition, as a woman it is pretty hard to decide between  ones career or heart. At this point of my life, I am having such a dilemma which I wish I were stronger so I can make the best decision for my life. On the other hand, it is frustrating to know that out there, there are people that are not willing to help you, and instead they judge you or  even worst try to give you a piece of advice when their lives are  messy as well. Anyway, the reason for this blog is to throw a new point of view about communication in a global world.

As a foreigner being in the States, I can say that is pretty hard because there are a lot of people that do not how to “deal” with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. I guess that one of the best skills I have is be able to communicate with people from every country, even if we do not speak the same language. There are a lot of people who are multi lingual; people who speak more than three languages and can talk with people; however, one thing is being capable to talk different languages and other completely different is being able to connect and communicate with others. To listen and try to be in the same shoes that the other person is. That’s is something that the business world does not understand yet. In this global world, people should be able to understand every single aspect of communication. One can be really good doing businesses but what happen when you are facing collectivist cultures. It is way hard to communicate and understand a person in a collectivist culture than a person who comes from a individualist culture. Understanding that sometimes you need to build a friendship with your client before selling something is more important than just arrive to the place and close the  “deal.” If you do that, I can bet you that you wont be able to close any deal. For some people these little aspects do not matter, but I believe that great companies have found ways to communicate with their different internal and external clients but sometimes with trouble. When you translate things to different languages you do not only translate the words, you also translate the essence of the message. If you only  translate the words, the message can get lost in translation. In summary my point is that there are a lot of professionals who speak several languages but there are not too many professionals or people who understand the essence of the message. The essence of every message is simple: people do not want to get hurt, they want to be happy in their own ways.

Here is an example: