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In 2013, I decided to pursue a Master’s in Integrated Global Communication. Why did I choose that degree? The reason here. Because of the evolution of the Internet from a static environment to an interactive community (Web 2.0), I consider that it is important to focus on the various networks that help consumers to interact and communicate with each other and with the brand. Also, I think that because of the current fast-paced environment on the Internet, companies and marketing professionals should understand that digital marketing performs a pretty important key to success. To understand the interaction between companies and consumers as a Master’s student, I focused my research in successful marketing campaigns such as “Coca-Cola Social Media Guard,” “Open Happiness,” and “The World Cup 2014.” The general conclusion drew from these papers was that big companies such as Coca-Cola try to humanize their brands so that consumers engage in the conversation and co-create content for the company in different social media platforms.

As a professional that has lived in several countries such as Ecuador, the United States, and South Korea, I understand that communication with individuals from different cultural backgrounds is important. Furthermore, I believe that speaking a language is completely different to communicating and tailoring a message to people’s inquiries. As an international professional, I understand that is important to acknowledge customs and traditions of different international clients. For this reason, some of my researches as Master’s Student and Marketing professional have focused on the differences between individualistic and collectivist societies.